Chirality of Nature and Asymmetry

Did you know that all life on Earth is left handed? Amino Acids, the building blocks of proteins are left handed molecules.

There are many asymmetries like this in nature. In fact, we owe our very existence to an asymmetry. Back in the early universe, think right after the big bang, there was nothing but light. As we know, matter is just a form of energy, as explained by Einstein’s famous E = mc^2 equation.

So the light of the early universe, through numerous interactions, produced matter. If you crank the energy up on visible light, all the way towards X-rays eventually, the x-ray photon will spontaneously change into an electron. However, as understood by the law of conversation of charge, when particles are formed, the balance of the universe’s charge must be kept in check. Which is where anti-matter comes into play. So there should be an equal amount of anti-matter as matter in the universe. However, it turns out that for every billion particles of anti-matter, there are a billion-one particles of matter.

That 1-in-a-billion was enough to form everything. When anti-matter and matter come into contact, they annihilate each other. We are the result of an Asymmetry.

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